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Metasalt makes it easy to create, sell, and manage the NFTs without any risks.

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Our best-in-class tools easily transform your art into 1/1s, limited and open editions or generative collections in just a few steps.

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Thousands of artists have built their NFT projects with Metaplex, one of the fastest-growing creator platforms in the world. From 1/1 art to generative drops, Creator Studio streamlines the process of building and selling digital assets.


Upload your art files and some basic metadata to Creator Studio.


A streamlined creative process lets you easily mint digital assets, including generative collections, 1/1 art, or open and limited editions.


Launch your collection with a customizable mint page for your community.

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First timer, or frequent minter? We’re seeking creators of all kinds to launch with our no-code tools. Join the waitlist and be part of the first wave.

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